Close the door

Integrated communication campaign to consumer to introduce Boiron´s homeopathic medication as the adequate option for the treatment of the flu, differentiating them from the competence. We created a global campaign which developed around a memorable spot without product brand.

Name of the campaign: Close the door
Client: Boiron
Type of project: Integral campaign
Category: OTC
Target: Pharmacists and consumers



  • 20″ Tv Spot
  • Educational and informative website with ability game
  • Banner campaign on different websites
  • External publicity campaign
  • Promotional materials for pharmacists
  • Promotional materials for consumers
  • Visibility materials on pharmacy
  • Campaign video case
  • Spot Tv 20″
  • Web informativa y didáctica con juego de habilidad
  • Campaña de banners en diferentes portales web
  • Campaña publicidad exterior
  • Materiales promocionales para farmacéuticos
  • Materiales promocionales para consumidores
  • Materiales de visibilidad en la farmacia
  • Vídeo case campaña

Aspid Gold
2014 Award